What’s Soul Alignment Method & How to Align With Your Soul

What’s Soul Alignment Method & How to Align With Your Soul

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Soul alignment has become a common term, and yet many of us don’t fully understand what it means or how to use it. If this sounds like you, keep reading as  this article is here to provide all the answers.

Let’s discuss why soul alignment is so important. Additionally, I’ll share some ways to achieve and remain in soul alignment – even when you are at your lowest.

When you feel out of alignment, life becomes harder and less joyful. Soul alignment method is not about feeling happy or sad, but rather feeling energized and motivated. It’s a natural state that everyone has the potential to access – all you have to do is recognize it in yourself!

So What is Soul Alignment Method?

You must have heard this word a lot ‘Alignment’, but what does it even mean? In simple terms, Alignment is the act of adjusting parts in relation to each other so that they’re in a straight line or in the correct relative positions.

The interdependent elements of an entire system need to function well together in order for it to run smoothly. This idea applies to anything from traditional timepieces and cars, where a single misalignment can cause the whole system to fail.

In the journey of using this soul alignment method, you’re essentially tuning into all facets of yourself.

It’s about harmonizing your day-to-day persona, who you believe you are, with your grander essence, your soul.

Remember, the reflection in the mirror is just a snippet. There’s an expansive depth to you that goes beyond surface appearances!

Sometimes I just like to tell myself, “I am a big ball of energy”.

Engaging with that ‘other’ side of you, your soul, means you’re stepping into the world as your complete self.

From this place of fullness, you’ll tap into greater wisdom and a stronger ability to mold your world, paving the way to live out your dream life.

Soul alignment method is a process of bringing together the two halves of one’s self: your human side and your soul. This can be tricky at times, but it’s a necessary requirement for to be able to fulfil your purpose in life and to live a full life. 

Hey, just remember: feeling off-track or misaligned with your soul doesn’t mean you’re broken or anything. Even the most in-tune humans can drift away from their true selves and out of alignment with their soul now and again.

It’s just the soul doing its mysterious dance, a path to follow and we don’t always know everything. By keeping an eye on your alignment with your soul, you’ll feel in-tune with what your soul is aiming for, living out its big plans for you in this life.

Absolute alignment with your own Source Energy means that you know the following:

You are free
You are powerful
You are good
You are love
You have value
You have purpose
All is well

Source: Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

How To Align With Your Soul?

Soul alignment method is all about syncing your energetic frequency with that of your soul. When you’re in tune with your soul alignment, you’re vibing at a high frequency!

This is because when you align yourself with your higher self, your soul, you’re aligning with the high frequencies that the soul vibrates at. What are these? The frequencies of joy, love and peace.

To truly vibe with your soul, it’s about pinpointing and embracing the things that fill YOU with feelings of joy, love, and tranquility.

Sure, not always in one go, but make it a point to do so regularly. At its core, aligning with your soul is all about diving into what brings you genuine joy. It’s such a straightforward concept, yet it’s a stumbling block for many!

Our upbringing and society often drill into us the value of relentless work, productivity, and catering to others’ wants. But giving ourselves permission to indulge in feel-good activities? It can be tough. Still, this is your golden ticket to the life of your dreams. It aligns you with the intuitive wisdom of your soul, a trusted guide in manifesting your heart’s true wishes.

If you’re feeling a bit lost on where to begin, ponder this: when were the moments you felt truly fantastic? When were you having a blast? When did you feel like you were soaring?

Recalling those times when you were brimming with joy and totally in your groove can set the stage. These memories can hint at what truly elevates your unique vibe.

Discovering what truly aligns you might take a bit of trial and error – it’s akin to diving deeper and understanding yourself on a whole new plane.

When you tune into what aligns you and what doesn’t, you might realize that some things that click for others might not for you. And that’s completely okay. It’s essential to hone in on YOUR unique vibe, seeking activities that resonate with your specific energy.

I remember feeling a tad embarrassed because the usual go-to activities for many didn’t vibe with me. Camping? Not my thing. Picnics? Nope. And being a part of a big community? Just doesn’t capture me. Owning up to this and discovering what DID make me feel alive turned things around in my journey of manifestation.

Because I was finally syncing up with my own soul instead of attempting to blend in with the crowd!

Your Ego VS Your Higher Self

To align with your soul, keep an eye out for those times when your ego wants to steer the ship, both emotionally and in your actions.

A good habit is to scribble down some thoughts before hitting the hay, reflecting on your day and pinpointing those ego-driven moments.

But remember, stepping back from the ego isn’t an overnight thing; it’s a journey that might span years of conscious awareness and effort.

To recognize when your ego is in control, pay attention to when small triggers cause big emotional reactions or when you become defensive with others. These responses are the work of the ego, not your true self.

By tuning into these signals and striving to step back from the ego, you’ll notice that a lot of things lose their grip over your emotions and reactions. It’s a pivotal move in the dance towards syncing up with your soul or higher essence.

How to STAY aligned!

This is probably the question I get most often – how do you stay in alignment when worry sets in, or when things are going wrong… We all know that getting into a high-vibration state where we feel good is easier than staying there. It’s so easy for outside circumstances to throw our energy out of whack!

So what can you do? The most important thing that I have found is to make alignment a regular practice, to take care of your energy consistently and not only when you feel your vibe going down.

The reality is, when your energy is robust and resilient, the bumps of life won’t shake you as easily. Sure, you might feel a ripple, but its intensity and duration won’t hold as much sway over you.

It’s the same as with your physical health – if you take your vitamins and eat your greens then your body will be better able to handle any germs that come your way. Your energy works the same way – make those core muscles strong and they will hold and carry you when needed.

So how do you make taking care of your energy a practice? I make it a point to do something daily that lifts my energy and aligns me with my soul – much like I ensure I take a stroll every day and incorporate some fruits and veggies into my meals. When you frame it this way, viewing it as a simple act of self-love, it seamlessly integrates into your routine. It transitions from being a “nice-to-have” to an essential aspect of your self-care.

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What I do changes each day – one day I might do some EFT tapping and another day I might journal around a particular question that’s been bothering me. The details aren’t important, what matters is that I check in with myself every day and do what I need to do to boost my energy into a higher vibration – and keep it there.

When I hit a turbulent period in life, I address my energy more than once a day. I check in with myself more regularly. I make sure to give myself what I need to feel good even more often. This makes a huge difference not only to my manifesting end result, but also to how I experience the transition from where I am to where I want to be.

Try this flexible method and see how it works for you – you’ll end up discovering lots of things that always work to make you feel strong and confident. 

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Why soul alignment matters

Given that you’re diving into this blog post, I’d wager you’re somewhat clued in about the significance of soul alignment. Yet, I’ve witnessed countless folks put alignment on the back burner when they’re pressed for time or simply lose interest. So, let’s hammer home the crucial nature of alignment, shall we?

If shifting something in your life is on your radar, then you’ve got to remain anchored to that soul alignment. Here’s why: manifesting isn’t a magic trick your human side pulls off—it’s an art your soul has mastered.

The tighter you’re aligned with your soul, the more tailor-made experiences you’ll magnetize your way. Delve deeper into that alignment, and you’ll become a manifesting maestro, drawing in success, elation, love, and contentment.

Let’s lay it out straight: even when you’re caught in moments of self-doubt or disarray, your soul’s got a precise map of your life’s journey. It’s clued into your raison d’être and your life’s mission.

Sway to your soul’s rhythm, and you’ll bathe in the splendor of life feeling just… right. Sync up with your soul, and watch your wildest dreams unfold.

Remember, those dreams are born from your soul, and guess what? Your soul’s got the blueprint to bring them to life.

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What being out of alignment feels like

Not shockingly, being out of sync feels quite off-putting. 😉 But I bet you’ve already noticed that! In essence, when you’re not in alignment, life feels like an uphill battle.

Especially, when you fall out of alignment life feels DIFFICULT. Everything seems like an uphill battle, it’s like you have to struggle and fight for every little sign of progress. You feel like nothing is working, and lose hope that things will ever work out in your favor.

Often, misalignment feels like frustration, impatience and hopelessness. Sometimes all of these combined!

It feels as though you’re veering off course, detached from both yourself and the Universe. You certainly can’t seem to hear any guidance from your intuition and even if you did, you wouldn’t trust what it was saying.

Misalignment feels plain wrong. But here’s the silver lining: you can teach yourself to recognize this feeling and figure out how to address it. Getting back into alignment is a choice that you can always make.

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What being in soul alignment feels like

As you nurture your energy, you’ll become increasingly familiar with the sensation of being in tune with your soul. And let me tell you, it’s an experience you’ll want to relive over and over!

When you’re aligned with your soul, everything seems to move seamlessly. It feels as if the universe is piecing everything together just for you. There’s this underlying belief that you’re exactly where you need to be.

Suddenly, hurdles that seemed insurmountable now appear surmountable; it’s as if a veil has been lifted, revealing myriad opportunities you never noticed before.

It’s also quite remarkable how barriers just dissolve. Suddenly, institutions reconsider their decisions, policies take a U-turn, or unexpected solutions pop up. While it might seem almost surreal, remember it’s all because of your alignment. Embrace this reality-shifting power; it only amplifies your potential!

Overall, being in harmony with your soul ensures a smoother journey and a happier heart. You can tap into the wonderful vibrations of joy, affection, and contentment. Isn’t this the life we all yearn for?

Emotions Ranked from High to Low Vibration:

Overwhelmed feelings

Source: Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks


In conclusion, soul alignment is the process of aligning your human self with your higher self, your soul.
Merging the two facets of your being lets you navigate life with a sense of completeness, insight, and strength.

To harmonize with your soul, zero in on actions that immerse you in waves of joy, affection, and tranquility. This means discerning what clicks with you and tinkering around until you pinpoint what vibes with your unique energy flow.

Keeping in step with this alignment demands making it a habitual ritual and consistently nurturing your energy.

By keeping up with this, you fortify your energy, making it a challenge for outside forces to tip you over, and setting the stage for living your ideal life.

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