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The Power of Reiki Crystal Healing

Reiki Healing Crystals can help you in many ways. Be it emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically. I am going to talk about all these aspects when it comes to reiki crystal healing.

Some even use crystals as complementary therapy to traditional Western medicine when they are experiencing a physical ailment. For example, I suffer from really bad migraines time to time. If I have some time to rest, I lie down and place an amethyst on the left side of my head (where I usually get my migraine). This technique is extremely helpful when going through intense migraines. 

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When it comes to emotional, mental and spiritual healing, these angelic healing crystals have many benefits:

  1. Enhanced Intuition with Reiki Crystal Healing: Reiki healing crystals can help amplify your intuition. By working with these crystals, you can tune in more effectively to your inner voice and receive valuable insights and guidance from your higher self. Amethyst is an excellent crystal for this.  
  2. Focused Energy in Meditation and Visualization: Using crystal reiki healing into your meditation, affirmation, and visualization practices can enhance your practice to higher levels. Crystals help concentrate and direct energy, allowing you to channel your intentions more clearly and manifest your desired changes. Clear Quartz would be a great choice for bringing in more focus into your practice.
  3. Clearing Emotional Blockages with Reiki Healing Crystals: Emotional trauma can create emotional blockages that come in the way of your personal growth. Crystals have the power to dissolve these blockages, providing emotional clarity and helping you release any past pain, enabling forward progress in your life. You can also use these crystals along with positive affirmations, check out these Amethyst Affirmation.
  4. Cleansing Spaces with Angelic Healing Crystals: Establish a regular practice of cleansing and clearing your space. There are various methods to do this: for instance, burning white sage or other incense sticks, using reiki healing, or incorporating singing bowls in this practice. An effortless way to do this is through crystals. Selenite, in particular, is excellent for clearing and purifying any area. To energize your crystal, place it in direct sunlight or under the moonlight during a full moon. Afterward, set your intention by voicing it out loud or silently. Finally, position the crystal in the space you want to purify. You can also use these crystals along with positive affirmations, check out these
  5. Stimulating Creativity and Ideas with Crystals: Placing crystals in your workspace can stimulate creativity and innovation. The energy emitted by these crystals can create an inspiring and conducive atmosphere for problem-solving and creative thinking, making them valuable tools for artists, writers, and anyone in a creative profession. My absolute favourite reiki healing crystal for creativity is Rainbow Fluorite.
  6. Emotional and Spiritual Healing with Reiki Healing Crystals: Beyond the specific benefits mentioned, reiki healing crystals play a vital role in emotional and spiritual healing. They support you in your journey toward emotional balance, mental clarity, and spiritual growth, promoting overall well-being and a deeper connection to your inner self.

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